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Has been sold?

Verizon -

The domain name now forwards to a coming soon lander, where you can register for details it has this tag line “A new state of health. Welcome to People-Powered Pharma.”

The premium domain name has been registered since the 22nd of October 1998, The domain name whois records still show that is owned by Verizon which was acquired through the acquisition of Yahoo!  at one point in time it was used as part of AOL Personals, the old dating website.

Verizon has a portfolio of over 32,000+ Domain Names with many not being used due to historical acquisitions so selling is a real possibility.

Who is Love Health Inc?

It appears the company was only formed in 2021 by Mr. J. A. Rahn, co-founder of Mind Medicine Inc., also known as MindMed—a New York-based psychedelic medicine biotech company that develops psychedelic-inspired medicines and therapies to address addiction and mental illness.

I am not sure what the long-term plans for will actually be as we can see that Love Health Inc, has applied for multiple trademarks for the term, PEOPLE-POWERED PHARMA, LOVE YOUR HEALTH, GUT LOVE, LOVE HEALTH, LOVE, LOVE DAO, LOVE CRYPTO, LOVE COIN & LOVE TOKEN

If was sold by Verizon it could be a seven or maybe even an eight-figure domain name sale.

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