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If you follow my Twitter account, you may have noticed a retweet of another account I operate:

I launched a website on to sell my company’s .XYZ domain names. For those of you who have seen, the logo and website probably look familiar to you. I retained the “embracing E” concept in the logo. I also have a similar tagline – “we embrace .xyz domain names.” In addition, the customized theme is the same for both websites.

Since selling a .XYZ domain name, I have slowly been buying what I believe are good domain names on the aftermarket that could appreciate in value. I think it would be difficult to hand register domain names that could have resale value, so I have been looking for domain names that meet specific criteria I have set for these acquisitions. You can look at the homepage of to see some of the domain names I bought.

With the launch of my own marketplace website, I can connect directly with prospective buyers. Someone who visits a domain name like to see if it’s for sale can send me an offer or make an inquiry. I can negotiate directly with the prospect without an intermediary. I still have all of my domain names listed for sale via GoDaddy and its Afternic network.

This doesn’t mark a big shift in my investment strategy. After selling my first .XYZ domain name for ~$20k, I am still in the black with my .XYZ investments. This includes the > $2,000 purchase of and development costs. I am still trying to buy great .com domain names every day. It’s gotten much harder to buy good .coms at reasonable prices though. After observing the market, I believe I can strategically buy some .XYZ domain names for decent prices and resell them profitably.

People have asked if I want them to send me their domain names to purchase, and the answer is “no.” I enjoy the hunt of finding good domain names. In addition, none of the domain names I have bought, other than, have cost more than $500. Most people with very good domain names who believe in .XYZ have their names listed at retail prices.

I am not accepting third party listings on I don’t have the desire to be a broker nor do I want to be responsible to anyone else for the website’s functionality. At some point in the future, I may be willing to show listings from other people, but I am not comfortable doing that right now.

Because of the growing usage of .XYZ domain names, I have become more willing to invest in something other than .com. I only have a small data sample of my own, and it will take some time to see if this was a good use of resources and capital.

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