Friday , February 3 2023

$40K buyer revealed

Two months ago closed at $40,000, the name was owned by Uber Media. It was used years ago in coordination with popurls as an aggregator of content. The new owner is a company focused on growing your Instagram account.

The company describes itself:

Unlike most growth services whose profit-driven motives result in low-priced, bad-quality engagements that pose risks to user accounts, we took the path less taken and chose to offer cheap options at quality standards not impacted by cost, which means our services are more economical and accessible to more.

Growing Instagram likes can be hard, from big-brand to influencer pages, there are many accounts new users must compete with for views and followers, and succeeding these pages on the Explore page and dominating them in hash-tag results can be even harder, but our growth services can help and will when used on pages with creative and original content as studies show these to matter most on the platform.

Gaining traction and growing followers are the goals of all users but most are unable to given many are not able to spend the months of time it often takes for organic methods to show results, and instead of waiting weeks to months, many choose us instead for our low-priced, high-quality followers that come from quality accounts that show the same day, these are speeds and results you must see to believe.

Mixx is registered in 75+ extensions.

Do you think they went with the right name now that you know their business?

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