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How important is having a strong, unique business name?

Business Names

Matt S over at published an interesting and detailed analysis of business names. Not all of these were company names but also included product names.

Matt took a deep dive into word counts, what was better and most common. over 65% of brand names analyzed were one word (no space). That stat keeps demand strong for one word .coms around the world.


After looking at over 400 names from three different “top product” charts, the following patterns seem to be consistent amongst top-performing names:

  • Avoid spaces: 65% of the names analyzed didn’t contain a space, being made up of either a single word or two words merged.
  • Short is better: the average character count was 10, and the median was 9.
  • Keep it simple: over a third of the names analyzed were related to what the product was about. Half of these were somehow linked to the benefit of engaging with the brand.
  • Bonus points: while “catchy” is a subjective concept, 29% of the top brands we looked at were made up of only two syllables—for Amazon’s physical product charts, this was over 40%. Snappy is the new catchy.

Tip of the cap to Koolishman

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