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Last week and into the weekend I dove into researching and setting up a couple hundred domains from my domain portfolio using, formerly

Most of my domain portfolio is listed via, and generates a minimum 2-3 sales per month, roughly $2,700 average sale price.

While provides a rather large footprint and exposure to potential domain buyers, it commands 20 percent commissions for each domain sale transaction.

Enter with 9 percent commissions for each domain sale transaction.

I originally created my account about 2 months after their “big leap forward” re-branding effort, especially after discovering potential commission savings to be realized on future domain transactions.

At 11 percent savings, loading at least 100-200 domains as a test it’s certainly worth it!

So, just what are the differences between the and user experience?

Personally, I find the experience clunky, dated, and leaving much to desire — GoDaddy could and should COMPLETELY rebrand with a modern experience to match the competitive landscape, at the very least.

Meanwhile,’s rebrand to is a breath of fresh air, to say the least. provides a simple, easy-to-use interface consisting of four intuitive management areas: Dashboard, Portfolio, Sales activity, and Administration.

In addition, I’m most impressed by’s landing page — seamless, responsive, professional design, and various customizable options:

Buying options — Various buying options to help seal your next domain deal with Buyers. This section offers the following options to select from:
Buy now, Buy now & Make offer, or Make Offer.

Payment options — Various payment options to help seal your next domain deal with Buyers. This section offers the following options to select from:
Disable installments, Sales & Revenue accelerator (NEW!), or Installments.

Traffic Graph — Displays a traffic graph of monthly visits to domain, possibly creating urgency for Buyer to purchase domain. This section offers the following options to select from: Always show, Only when 100+ monthly views, or Don’t show anything.

Captcha — Increases the opportunity for real-qualified buyer.  No bots here. This section offers the following options to select from: Only enable captcha for high risk visitors, Enable captcha for all visitors, or Disable captcha.

Meet the seller — Buyers can view your profile page from domain’s For Sale page. This section offers the following options to select from: Show domains, Show bio, or Don’t show anything.

Meet the seller box — Box viewed by Buyers when they in and visit a domain’s For Sale page. The first and second line are set to Automatic.

Host your for sale pages on — Redirect your buyers to internal marketplace for sale pages.

Analytics — Associate your and Google Analytics accounts for insightful reporting.

While there are many options to configure in For Sale page, Seller Profile, and Privacy settings, be certain to pay close attention to the following:

Seller profile settings
The Seller profile page offers a number of options, such as adding a picture, bio, nickname, background image, personal details, and company name to For Sale and Profile page(s). Personally, I opted for the Bio and opted out of adding a photo, although I plan to update photo with an optimized DN Strategies logo.

Privacy settings for Public Name and Public Profile
The Privacy page allows for Public name display of a full name, nickname, company name or Private Seller, the default option. I chose Private Seller for now, and will test and report results for all other options over the next 9-18 months.

As for Public profile, you may display or NOT display a list of your domains on each For Sale page, as well as link or NOT link For Sale pages to your public profile. I opted to check the box to disable both of the Public profile options. I don’t care to offer additional domain portfolio information at fingertips of Buyers to possibly use as a negotiation strategy or tactic to lower domain asking price.

For Sale page settings for Meet the seller
While Seller and Privacy settings are worth a review and consideration, the most critical setting to select is the Meet the seller box.

While the previous sections drastically alter the appearance of For Sale and Profile page(s), be sure to select the most appropriate First line and Second line options under the Meet the seller box settings.

If you leave these options set to their default setting of Automatic, then your total number of domains listed on is displayed (see Domain Seller box in image below).

Personally, I prefer for Buyers not to know this critical information, as it could sway or bias their offer or desire to purchase a given domain.

As for the First line option, I prefer for Buyers to know “Member since X months” versus “X domains sold” or “X domains on offer”.

The latter options are applicable, but only when few or more offers have been received and sold.

When Automatic is selected, below is how the First line option is displayed to Buyers (see Domain Seller box in image below):

As for the Second line option, I preferred the default setting of Automatic, which displays nothing, instead of “Delivers within about 50 years”, “Responds within about 50 years” and “X offers received”.

With the exception of “X offers received”, “Delivers within about 50 years” and “Responds within about 50 years” selections don’t make sense and could deter Buyers from buying and taking the page seriously.

Not certain, but it’s possible these default options are only meant to be snarky and playful. Personally, I prefer an option for a custom entry field, allowing for a text-based message as input.

Nevertheless, when the Second line option is selected, below is how it displays to Buyers (see Domain Seller box in image below):

All in all, the Meet the seller box has the potential to be a critical deal maker or breaker based on the domain, the Buyer, and Buyer’s perspective and emotional reaction towards the First and Second line options when in the buying process.

In closing, I’m pleased with what I’ve been able to accomplish so far with with listing a segment of my domain portfolio using

I’m hopeful to report back in a few months with solid sales to share as well as any additional tweaks and adjustments — private seller vs public seller, background image, traffic chart, “X domains sold”, “X offers received” — I’ve made along the way.

Well, that’s all for now!

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