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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday, June 27th, 2022

As I’ve said 1000 times, my daughter and I and 4 friends went to climb Mt. Rainier in Seattle Washington. I’ve been pretty much without no cell phone or Internet for the last 5 days. Had 5 minutes here or there but in general no bars, nothing . I won’t lie, after I got used to it I loved it. It was the theme of the trip. Basic necessities. Most of my food we had to bring on our backs so if you didn’t want to carry it for 10 miles you didn’t get it. No caffeine for 2 days because I forgot to bring coffee and like I said I had to carry on my back what I had so I wasn’t going to carry diet coke.

I am so proud of my daughter. She made it to the summit. Something I couldn’t do this time. I got to 2000 feet short and I just didn’t have it in me. If I hadn’t already done it otherwise I certainly would have pushed on. The problem is it would have destroyed me. I had nothing in the tank and I still had the two hardest sections left. They had a ton of snow on the mountain so the routes were more direct and fewer switchbacks. Meaning hard climbs. I didn’t train at all other than running and it showed. I was just not in climbing shape. Youth can overcome that but I don’t have that either. I also don’t mind my daughter seeing me struggle on endurance events but I could tell she was spending more time worrying about me than concentrating on her own climb. I’m roped to her and when she feels a tug that means I’m not keeping up and I tugged a few times. Again, I’ve done harder and could have pushed through but I just didn’t feel the necessity since I already had summited once and I had gotten her to all but the last two pushes. I knew the rest of the team could get her there. And she did. It’s something she’ll never forget for the rest of her life. She was so strong.

This climb was the real deal . It was tough. The weather was perfect so from that standpoint it was absolutely ideal and possible. I say possible because 50 of the previous 53 attempts to summit failed. Our team made it. The last 4 miles down was 2 foot deep steps on every single step. So 2.5 hrs with a 40lb pack stepping into heavy wet snow that came to your knees. It’s some of the most grueling 15 hrs you’ll put in. For guides it was a Sunday stroll. Shows the difference in training. We started the final climb at midnight after trying to sleep 5 hrs (most don’t) and got back to the bottom at 4 pm. That’s pretty much working hard the entire time with 15 minute breaks throughout.

Libby is more of hike through Colorado, do a few scrambles, kind of girl. This was the real deal. Not sure if she is inspired to do more or that was enough. It is a lot of suffering and uncomfortable. Pretty much the entire time. She was amazing and just looking at my littler girl, now a women, pushing through the tired and pain and gutting it out almost made me cry. I remember the day she rolled over for the first time. She didn’t roll over this time. It was tough. I’d trade all that work and suffering for another 5 days like that with Lib. I imagine there will be more but Dad’s got to hit the gym and throw on a pack if I’m going to do it again. This whole crypto NFT thing has me looking at screens too much and not enough time in the gym and on the trails. That will be changing this summer.

Domain of the Day: Very memorable and defines you as a wedding company. No bids at $10

Quote of the Day: The best views come after the hardest climb

Click on any of the links to see current price Names at Auction or Backorder Doesn’t have to be a file sharing site but sure seems like it would be A work colleague introduced me to this 2 decades ago and have been using it ever since. A thought tree is super helpful for keeping your ideas organized Dot io works well with NFTs and they certainly aren’t dead Everyone wants to be Elon Sounds like a mobile game right out of the box 1995 name. So relevant in today’s “nobody sees ads” world Easy to remember as it gets. No reserve Graphic, visual arts and marketing all the way All your team apparel in one place No reserve. I think it makes a good employment agency BUT the term staff is a bit outdated Everyone is going to think the casino which is FoxwoodS Good letters and 26 years old Taken in 48 extensions and 26 years old but didn’t really make me think of anything in particular. Google shows a lot of things its an acronym for No reserve expiring name with zero bidders 38 bids on Sedo is a lot. Ends today Wonder if these super short have any value More than it looks. Gets $100 in parking. People are gobbling up the .es names at Catched and other than parking revenue not sure what’s behind all the bids This one brings in $571 based on BODIS traffic stats

Godaddy Domains With Bids I like “the” names, big discount compared to but get a lot of the same feel . Most bids on the board today This is a 25K name even in dot eth so some value here IMO Teach them something The fact the name is taken in 21 extensions tells you how popular Cricket is in other parts of the world, especially India where there are billions of people Look at me….I’m healthy AND natural Biggest price on the board today but its coming from history and backlinks Godaddy has this one valued at $5K. Algo probably sees crypto in the name Ecommerce is what people will see here. Trillion dollar industry . Taken in 340 extensions Another broad term. These broad words need big builds to be something special I would love to own the dot com on this one Great patterns still sell well in .cc … wholesale Sounds like a tool or an app Sounds like an old tech company….which it is These were so popular as a kid and still are 40 years later. Simple and fun and that never gets old Used to be a company that sold land. Went bankrupt. The bad thing about these is when you buy the name you get lots of complaint emails Its where I buy all my beakers This domain has way more value than your actual appraisers license

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