Wednesday , August 17 2022

Negative Reviews Impact You, Too

Logan Flatt has been engaging with someone on Twitter who apparently left a one star review for I can’t speak for Logan, but it appears that he believes the issue is out of the control of and the review is unfair to the platform.

You might be wondering why Logan is going to bat for He isn’t an employee of, so the review wouldn’t impact him personally. Reviews of platforms like can impact its customers and their domain name sales.

Over the last several weeks, I have faced several canceled deals on due to non-paying bidders. Once a deal is agreed upon, the buyer and seller no longer interact with each other, and any communication between the parties is handled by Aside from a couple of buyers who told they want to purchase a domain name with a payment plan (but did not follow through with that either), I have been unsure about what happened.

Yesterday, I tracked down one of the people whose offer was accepted by me but never followed through with payment. I asked if he was the person who made the deal with me and asked why he did not complete the payment. In addition to mentioning that he felt the price was too high, he also said he did not trust the website ( I explained that is owned by GoDaddy, the largest domain registrar in the world. He followed up by offering $1,000 less than the agreed upon deal but stipulated that he would only do the deal if he could work directly with me. I told him all of that is unacceptable.

I do not know why this person doesn’t trust I am not going to waste any more time on that person to figure out why he has reservations. It is very possible he saw some reviews and got cold feet about using the platform to transact. Even though the platform has an “Excellent” overall rating, many people look at the lowest reviews and worry about what could happen to them.

Even though negative reviews on a domain name sales platform don’t have a direct impact on my company, they do have an impact on my bottom line.

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