Wednesday , August 17 2022 for $50K less than 1 Month After Being Acquired!

I just saw that the domain name has sold for $50,000 USD at, Being a dot net and bringing that price alone is pretty strong these days but then when I saw that it had only just been picked up last month at for $4,050 USD, now that’s really impressive!

That’s a profit of $45,950.00 before the usual 20% commission from, meaning the buyer got an ROI of 1,134.57% and only held the domain name for 38 Days!

This is why we love domain name investments folks!

Looking back on it appears the domain name hasn’t been resolved for years and it was under domain name privacy when it expired but previously it appears it was owned by Andrea Strigelli Consultant that operated 1a1 group and the nameservers were still pointing there back in June when it sold on GoDaddy so I am guessing this might be who owned it, I can see there were around 55 names resolving to the servers presently and I wonder if this drop was an accident and the company chooses to reacquire it or if it has been sold to another end user, time will tell when the whois details update hopefully in the coming days.

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