Wednesday , August 17 2022 – Sells for $12,000 USD

The domain, recently expired and was auctioned off at GoDaddy, The auction closed today and the winning bidder secured this sweet aged dot com for $12,000 USD. has been registered since 1998, making it the ripe old age of 24, it has been under privacy protection at GoDaddy for over a decade so we can’t confirm who was the current owner when the domain name expired earlier this year.

Back in 2004, we can see an archive page, where it appears the owner was Data Protection Services, LLC  which you can see below, at the time the company appears to have been based in New Orleans.

The site appears to have gone offline in 2005 and didn’t resolve again until 2011 when it began hosting a generic GoDaddy registration lander, from this point onwards the domain either didn’t resolve or pointed to GoDaddy, doing a quick Google Search for the term Data Protection Services, LLC we can see a Bloomberg profile which shows business registration back in 1996 and that it is now based in Florida and at the same time we found this company ranking and owning the matching dot com based in Florida –, of course, we can’t confirm if it is the same business but a matching LLC would lead you to believe that it could be the previous owner of

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