Monday , August 15 2022 sold for $250K as the demand for FirstName.coms continues

Braden Pollock posted two nice sales on Friday. was sold for $250,000. It’s no secret that first name.coms are highly prized. The site looks like it will be an ecommerce site with a Shopify landing page up currently.

Laura which was a very popular name in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s is still in the top 400 when it comes to popularity. Source. It’s interesting to note that another female first name that ranked high in popularity at around the same time, sold for just 1/10 back in 2015. sold for $24,000 at Heritage Auctions back in 2015. is on my tv all the time advertising that they have cash for you if you are running a little short. The founder explained, “We named the company Dave because we wanted people to think of the app as a friend they can turn to when they’re in a financial bind.”

Roman is another first name that advertises a lot. They do not have the .com and use instead. Goldman Sachs has a product called Marcus. There is a mattress company named Casper. The list goes on and on.

AdWeek published an article a few years back, “Why Humanizing Your Brand With a First Name Will Resonate With Customers”

The article underscores why there is such demand for first name .coms.

Braden also sold for $15,000. Congrats to him on some nice sales.

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