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NameBio: Sneaky trick when copying domain sales data!

NameBio: Sneaky trick when copying domain sales data!

NameBio is an indispensable tool for assessing domain sales data. With billions of dollars in recorded sales, is a great repository of domain sales, the majority of which have been verified and double-checked.

Sharing such domain sales with attribution is the typical angle, however, NameBio is very protective of its data, apparently.

We found out that when performing a search for groups of sales, for example LLLL .com domains that were sold in the past year, data is displayed correctly in your browser.

Copying that block of data is another story as NameBio appears to be “poisoning” it. Here’s an example of the image capture:

And here is the data copied via the browser: 1,504 USD 1,899 USD 544 USD 344 USD 202 USD 894 USD 813 USD 844 USD 163 USD 751 USD

Not only are the numbers wrong, the order is completely random.

Apparently, javascript takes care of this copy/paste trickery to block scraping bots and when one disables javascript in their browser, they get blocked for a period of time as an added bonus.

The solution: get a free NameBio subscription and download all the data you need. 😀

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