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Typical Reply to Offer for Inventory Domain Name

A couple of weeks ago, I shared that I began forwarding my inventory-quality domain names to landing pages. I respond directly to offers and inquiries, and I push prospective buyers to landing pages to complete the purchase. I don’t do this for higher value domain names.

I am testing this to save time and to lock in deals that might have failed if I set the price or minimum offer amount too high. By jumping in between the buyer and a landing page, I am able to adjust the asking price, minimum offer, and LTO options before giving them to the buyer. Since I don’t regularly update domain name prices, this gives me the opportunity to adjust based on market or business conditions.

I thought I would share how I am responding to inquiries and offers while testing this method:


Affirming their good taste in domain name:

[Domain].com is a valuable domain name that is worth more than your $x offer. The company would sell the domain name for $x USD.

Pushing to

[Domain].com is listed for sale via (a company now owned by GoDaddy). You can purchase the domain name right away or you can choose a lease to own option if you prefer: [Link]

Adding time sensitivity:

The price is valid for 48 hours and is subject to change after that.


If warranted, I sometimes deviate from this canned reply. For instance, if I previously turned down an offer for the domain name, I will mention the offer that was turned down. I also modify the reply if the person left the offer field blank instead of submitting an offer. Situationally, I might not reply with the link but suggest using for transactions. I still prefer to transact via on higher value sales.

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