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Sean’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday, August 14th, 2022

Domains to buy!

Commentary on names to buy.

33% more domains than my previous list–same great price: $0.

Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction

Catched – no one is going to this bank unless:

  1. it is a crypto bank
  2. they are crypto people – so there’s an IM Token at — I guess that might give this name some value? – I haven’t seen a lot of built out .IT domains in my wanderings around the web. Anyone else?

Sedo – the forbidden city – good word, solid .xyz domain – Ohio, what’s up.

Namejet – ah, the dream business of every entrepreneur… – so close! Shane, buy this name to cut down on typos! All that type-in traffic we get… – 100% a web app or word game

Godaddy Domains At Auction – it’s got THE JUICE. #SEO name. Beauty niche. – it’s a thing people do — GoDaddy values at $7k+, currently low thousands. Solid name. – beautiful ancestry look-up name, creepy spy-on-a-person name: it’s all about the execution. – well there is just a lot of results in Google for “Taymar.” Not exactly a hot prospect but… there’s an argument to be made that this is a decent pickup for someone to upgrade to. Do your own research, this is not financial advice, I am just a made-up person in a simulation of billions of made-up people put here to keep you asleep, dreaming happily, so definitely don’t listen to me… – how we’ll say “pixel” after the Next Great Vowel Shift. – freshwater fishing affiliate site or hole-in-the-wall restaurant that serves the best goddamned trout you’ve ever had in your life on a huge deck overlooking a cold-ass mountain stream. – not a 4 letter pronounceable. – a 5-letter pronounceable that sounds like radio. – gotta have SOME value, right? – sounds like a cool brand. Space brand? – I could see this as a very smart site about which NFL athlete will bring your fantasy team the most points in the next game, or who you should pick up on the wires. – DR 69, GET IT. WP theme site. – AMERICAN MADE FREEDOM STEEL. IF YOUR SKY SCRAPER IS BUILT WITH ANYTHING ELSE TEAR IT DOWN, and rebuild it with FREEDOM STEEL. JET FUEL CAN’T MELT FREEDOM STEEL. – definitely a website that doesn’t contain a lick of truth. – For when you want a pen-pal, but only a massive celestial body can fill your loneliness. – 100% an app that a small Midwestern city will use so you can buy bus tickets on your phone, when they finally upgrade their shit in 2037. – fun brand, good take on “squeaky clean.” – WHO ARE YOU TRYING TO CONVINCE, SIR? He said, baldingly… – yesssss come in to our ravinessss. even though itssss shallow the light doesn’t reach through the branchessss. take comfort in the dark, take comfort in the muted noisssssse of the above world. come and ssssstay down here. sssssstay forever. – ssssstill, I mean, still a better name than StickerMule. – she’s reading me, i’m reading her. we’re books with eyes!

More. Domains. With Bids! At GoDaddy…

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