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Unpublished Sale of

Happy Sunday folks, I was doing some more research again courtesy of George Kirikos showing us how to search EDGAR SEC Filing and I came across what looks like the sale of was owned by Performance Technologies, they were acquired by Sonus in 2014 which you can see here, looking on we found that the domain name was forwarded from to

Sonus -

Shortly after this the domain name then had a “For Sale” lander which you can see below in 2015,  where it appears it had been brokered by The Treadstone Group.

Sonus Sells 2015

We can then see in the SEC filing which you can read in full by clicking here or read this statement:

“On October 2015, we sold the PT domain name and recognized a gain, net of commission and fees, of $0.9 million.  This amount is included as a component of Other income, net.  We believe that excluding the other income arising from this sale facilitates the comparison of our financial results to our historical results and to other companies in our industry”

The exact figure quoted in the Cash flows from investing activities line is Proceeds from the sale of domain name $896,000.

This means the domain name would have sold for a higher value as its Nett of Commission putting it at least $900K if not more…

As of today, the domain name can be acquired for $3,000,000 USD, It’s currently listed on, the domain name was under Chinese ownership for a period of time after the sale from Sonus but looks like it might have changed hands in 2021 as it switched from Shenzhen Internet Works Online Technology co as the registrar to GoDaddy and whois information updated also which appears to be now owned by someone in the Philippines.

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