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Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday, August 17th, 2022

I’ve said it over the last decade that I am an addicted gambler. When I was younger it was it because it was the only way I could envision to make big money. It was incorrect, it actually just created more debt, but that’s how I saw it. It also gave me a huge rush during the game that couldn’t be replicated. Especially since I really don’t drink or do any drugs. I especially liked horse racing and sports. Casino games were not my thing because the odds were never in my favor mathmatically and I didn’t have the startup money for Poker. There was only so much skill I could bring to make them better (except for poker). For some reason I thought sports and horses could be handicapped to better odds. In some sense it was true but you will never win long run unless you quit. So I did.

I see super smart people still playing fantasy and gambling and I know they will always be long-term losers. Like me back then, they can only remember all the wins so they think they are better than the odds. They’ll have to either learn and quit or realize that they are paying for the entertainment and consider the cost worth the rush it gives them. After sports, I moved to naked options trading. A bit more investment, somewhat an all-or-nothing strategy, but when my winner runs it runs big. Same rush, more math and intelligence involved, still gambling. It is super risky and not for the person that doesn’t like big changes in value. It’s essentially the same as domain investing where you need the big gains to pay for the rest of the bad ones. I have been able to be super successful over the past decade. Not every trade, not every year but overall. The most important part has been money I can afford to lose so I am able to let things play their course and not react to every sudden swing. I pay close attention to wash rules and my taxes tell me how good I am at it.

Domains don’t give gamblers any rush IMO. They are risky but things move too slow to produce endorphins or adrenoline. I love it but its a super slow game. Only exciting when you sell and fill time looking for the buy. So domains will always be part of my “investing” but its just so different than regular gambling. I also don’t find it addicting. I could easily not domain invest but I am fairly good at it and enjoy the search.

NFTs and Crytpo really screwed me up. It goes 24 hrs a day. Twitter always talking about it, and tens of thousands of dollars could be made in a day. It was one of the most addicting exciting years in 2021. It was a high that literally took me 4 months to recover from. The last few months I’ve tweeted as much but purposely not looking at OpenSea, reading twitter less, and in general just trying to get back to a somewhat “normal” life. I sold a bunch of stuff and went cash to make sure I profited handsomely and could put that towards more conservative projects and domains. The emotion and energy put in for the last 18 months was unsustainable. It was life changing both financially and mentally and in a good way. But if I kept doing it much longer I was going to crash. I didn’t. I’m probably in the best place I’ve ever been and looking forward to the next leg of the adventure.

I am still an addicted gambler but I will say after this past year I find myself looking for less action. I’m still looking for great returns but I just walk away after I’ve made my investment. I check it but not often. I am content. My new rush is having a whole day that I get to chose what I do. That is something I look forward to as much as making a ton of money. Time has officially become more valuable than money. Everyone gets there at some point. I’m there. That being said, this is time I love spending so I hope you’ll stick with me and Travis, Sean, and Josh. Click the links, buy some names, have some fun, make some money like you have been the last decade and hopefully for another one

Domain of the Day: Its a brandable but my favorite name on the board. Super sellable

Quote of the Day: “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone” – Blaise Pascal

Click on any of the links to see current price Means nothing to me but nice acronym or pronounceable word. 1996 birthday so has some age as well Its a dot net but an issue tens of millions around the world suffer from Key steps is pretty broad so can be the key steps towards anything. Taken in 17 extensions Irrigation system controller comes to mind immediately No reserve. Generic but I think it still makes a great brand for a social media company H for holdings and the reserve is low enough this is going get sold C at the end with these strong letters puts it at $700 plus IMO Coming up in the SEDO GD auction. Reserve under $400 so it WILL sell Reserve under $1000. Not sure of the renewal but I think the reserve is low enough to move. If BTOC is worth $700 then this is as well QR codes worth $20K ? Closes today. Going to see what a dot media goes for at wholesale The parking pays pretty well. To each their own $241 in parking revenue is great. Price is less than revenue

Godaddy Domains With Bids Valued at $7K by Godaddy. Lab is a hot keyword in NFTs and Crypto I’d drink this IPA Bot gets it done but the word is registered in 36 extensions as well. So it should do very well One of the top 3 states in the country for Cannabis sales I love the thought Great letters and I guess it could be a word …Depd Flexible name in that it can be used for any type of broker Building is a great term for how you acquire money. Saving and building up that account. Layer by layer The type of name people offer to me for $100K all the time I think this has a chance of being the highest final price on the board today Way undervalued. I know people would pay a lot of money to have a nice wedding out on the water 234 and 222 in one number. Super memorable Love this as a brand. Sounds Japanese and cute I feel like companies with Street in the name always get bought by a big company. Is it just me? under $50 at press time Going to throw it to my kids or my dog Begging for a cool buildout I said I was getting into the salt business and then this pops up I like obvious way more IV exudes repair . Of course I run hard enough that I need them some times

One or No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names with Bids

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