Thursday , March 30 2023

Rick Schwartz shares some stats on his portfolio

After sharing the stage last week at NamesCon, Rick Schwartz is back on Twitter and giving us some more insight into his 6,500+ Domain Name Portfolio.

You can read all of Rick’s Tweets on Twitter where he shares more information and knowledge but  please don’t forget to check his blog too

In Rick’s first tweet, he doesn’t share the domain name but explains that

People toss around numbers but don’t understand what they represent. 1 of my #Domains gets 12k visitors a DAY meant for somebody else. That’s 218 FULL-SIZE 55-seat buses all lined up!! 6540 busses a MONTH! 78,480 FULL BUSSES/YEAR! 4.36mm people arriving at the WRONG BUSINESS!!

In his next tweet, Rick shares about earning money with his domains and that they pay for his portfolio.

Of my 6500 #Domains 2500 +/-produced some income in the past year. 600 made more than their renewal fees. Top 3 parked #DomainNames pay all renewal fees. The next 30 pay for next year! 5883 of them received some type-in traffic. Not including leases royalties or equity.

As you can see, even Rick’s whole portfolio doesn’t produce revenue from every domain, only 600 of them made enough to cover their $9 fee meaning the rest of the 5,900 domains were paid for by the PPC earnings from his top earning digital assets! Owning 6,500 domains means in basic terms you need $60,000 USD per year just to cover registration fees before making any profits.

Does your domain name portfolio cover its own registration fees?

I have a very small domain name portfolio these days with less than 200 domains, it was once nearly 3,000 but I am fortunate that one of my domain names, earns enough in PPC to cover all of my annual registration fees for which I am lucky that it has remained stable in earnings for many years.

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