Wednesday , March 29 2023

Does the new UK Prime Minister Get Domains?

Here in the United Kingdom, the big news story today is Elizabeth Truss aka Liz Truss is being signed in as our new UK Prime Minister at Balmoral Castle in Scotland by the Queen.

As domain name investors we often check, do they own their exact match domain name, so my headline question is, Does the new UK Prime Minister get Domain Names?

Well, my answer would be Yes, Elizabeth Tuss owns which has been registered since the 14th of January 2007, It also appears that the forthcoming prime minister also registered but this was only last year on the 22nd of December 2022 at This is currently forwarded to

In the UK though the ccTLD, is most commonly used by a lot of people and businesses from what we can tell though both are registered (Parked at GoDaddy) & (Expired at SquareSpace) so we can only assume neither is associated with the new UK Prime Minister.

The official domain name Elizabeth Truss aka Liz Truss shall use once signed in by the Queen in Scotland today, shall be and shall use the official UK Prime Minister Twitter Account @10DowningStreet.

The UK government does not appear to own or, maybe Liz Truss might convince the UK Government to acquire their matching domains as

If you want to learn more about the new UK PM, you can read her WIKI profile. looks very different now compared to 2007 as an archived screenshot shows you:

Here is the most current version of

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