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Which top level domains are truly popular, part two

Which domains get used the most?

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Which new TLDs make the cool kid’s club, and which don’t?

Last week I wrote about’s analysis of new top level domains and which ones are popular.

As I mentioned in that post, there are lots of ways to measure new TLD popularity and none of them are perfect. But I think we can all agree that looking at raw registration numbers is highly misleading. has a “Traffic Index” score for domain names. It’s a proprietary measure that, according to its website, “uses anonymized connection data provided by global operators” to estimate web traffic to domains.

Of the top 20 most-registered TLDs, calculated that .dev has the highest percentage of domains receiving moderate to high traffic. But .dev isn’t the biggest namespace. As I pointed out in the article, .club, with the second highest percentages, has higher raw numbers of trafficked sites.

So what if you take the raw numbers of registrations and multiply them by the percent receiving moderate or high traffic?

Here’s how that ranking looks:

  1. xyz (by a long shot)
  2. online
  3. shop
  4. site
  5. store
  6. club
  7. live
  8. top
  9. app
  10. cyou
  11. tech
  12. dev
  13. space
  14. fun
  15. vip
  16. life
  17. website
  18. icu
  19. tokyo
  20. buzz

If you look at only the high-traffic sites, the first four are in the same order but then the rankings change.

As I’ve stated before, I don’t have full confidence in any calculation I’ve seen about website usage in new TLDs. I think they overstate actual websites built on these domains. Still, I think it’s important to look at various calculations to think about the data in different ways.

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