Wednesday , September 28 2022 is sitting at $22 USD, surely will sell for more?

TGIF again… The weeks seem to get faster the older you get but having an extra day’s public holiday on Monday certainly, seemed to speed this week up for sure, how has your week been?

Here are a few of picks below but what do you like?, is 20 years old and apparently a first name but just looks like a bad spelling of Cheese to me… lol 🙂 21 year old would make a good name for a payday loan / brokers website, I know dot info’s are dead in the domain name investors markets but some end users still like them, 18 years old another nice pay / financial name “quid” here in the UK is referred to as a pound so quick pound aka quick quid makes sense to me, only at $15 USD bound to sell for a lot more.

With crypto being down for many this year, will this 10-year dot org – sell for more than the $22 bucks it’s sitting at right now?

Thanks as always for all your support even if you decide to only follow a domain and add to your watchlist on GoDaddy using the links below it all helps, Have a great Friday!


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