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DomainGang at 13: It’s hard being a teenager but it’s fun

DomainGang at 13: It’s hard being a teenager but it’s fun

I remember when I turned 12 because my voice broke during music melody lessons. It was also the last summer of the 70s and the last time before becoming a teenager.

The following summer I turned 13 and went on vacation with my family. I had a white t-shirt with the number “80” and “JOGGING CLUB” underneath. One evening I ran with my dad side by side and after a while, something commanded my feet into hyperdrive; I took off as if I had winged feet.

It was 8:30pm and the small coastal town’s summer residents were either eating dinner after sunset or strolling by the main road’s cafeterias. Adults looked as I flew by and some kids clapped, believing I was a runner in a race of two.

Being a teenager is always a challenge and as DomainGang turned 13 today I have great memories from all the people I met in this ongoing race, all thanks to choosing a path and following it with my own two feet.

I’m grateful to those that read, comment, engage, support, sponsor, and believe that domain names can be fun and that stories—whether real or parody—serve a purpose: to educate, entertain, amuse, and stimulate our thought process. A big thank you, ladies and gents.

The teenage years have began. Run along with me!

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