Friday , February 3 2023

6 x End User Sales from

It’s Thursday and I hope all of my readers are safe and well after yesterday’s encounter with Hurrican Ian, I haven’t published one of these End User Domain Sales list for a few weeks, so I thought I would share 6 x End User Domain Name Sales from the domain name portfolio.

The 6 names sold for a total of $27,790 USD, which for some might seem low but when you own hundreds of thousands of domain names, pricing them in this low to mid four figures for daily sales seems to work very well for

The biggest End User on the list is Bunzl, some might not know them, but they are a British multinational distribution and outsourcing company headquartered in London, England with revenue exceeding £10 Billion Pounds last year and operating globally, since 2003 they have grown from a little over £2 Billion in revenue to a cool £10.2 Billion last year so dropping $4,588 USD on domain name is a drop in the ocean for them.

The end user domain name that I like though is, there was a big scandal on diesel emissions in the UK with many raising claims against major automotive manufacturers and I suspect that is going to be utilized for this purpose.

What is your top pick from the end user domain name sales below?

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