Thursday , December 8 2022

Racing to Avoid a Double Sale

When I have been doing outbound outreach to sell domain names, I have been including a link to a BIN landing page. My focus has been on less expensive domain names since they tend to sell more easily. With Dan landers, the buyer has two purchase options, including the ability to buy the domain name immediately or select a payment plan. It removes friction and facilitates a speedier sale.

When sending emails to a targeted group of prospective buyers, there are usually at least a few prospective buyers who would want to own the domain name. In my outbound email, I emphasize that the offer is time sensitive and available on a first come first serve basis. Not only does this serve the purpose of creating urgency, but it lets each buyer know this one of a kind asset is only available to the first person to agree to the deal. Once someone else buys it, they no longer can.

For those who are diligent, it might make sense to remove domain names from other platforms while it is being marketed via direct email. I don’t generally do that. For one thing, I need to remember to re-add the domain name after a few days of not selling, and that is something I would probably overlook. In addition, I might have to re-verify domain names and ensure they are active on the Afternic Fast Transfer network. It’s one of those things I would suggest that other people do but I don’t really do it myself.

Without taking listings down from other platforms when marketing domain names, it can lead to a double sale. A prospective buyer may see the landing page indicating the domain name is sold and decide to see if it is available elsewhere. The first stop would probably be GoDaddy, and if the listing wasn’t removed, they could buy the domain name there. At that point, I would have a sale at and a sale at GoDaddy. The rare double sale that is never a good thing for anyone.

Whenever I sell a domain name at Dan, I quickly remove listings from Afternic and now Sedo. The odds of selling a domain name twice on different platforms in a short period of time is remote. The odds increase a bit, I imagine, if someone is doing targeted outbound marketing.

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