Thursday , December 8 2022 Looking for Beta Testers

Namecheap CEO Richard Kirkendall announced that he is looking for early beta testers for the company’s under development “registrar and digital product platform” known as Spaceship. Beta testers should be people who already own domain names and are looking to register more. They should be also willing to provide feedback about their experience using the platform:

Richard followed this tweet by telling potential beta testers that they will be able to register domain names at cost for the time being:

At the moment, Spaceship is password protected, so I can’t get an idea of what the platform is going to offer. I imagine it will be substantially different from Namecheap, hence the need for beta testing.

One bit of speculation that hasn’t been be put to rest is that Namecheap could eventually rebrand as Spaceship. Namecheap is a well-known brand in the domain name space, but I don’t know if the brand presently suits the company as its matured well beyond the promise of of cheap domain names suggested by its moniker. When asked, Richard didn’t deny that Spaceship could eventually replace Namecheap.

Like Frank Schilling was when he launched Uniregistry, Richard is a hands-on CEO who is knowledgable about all facets of the domain name business. I am looking forward to seeing what Spaceship has to offer.

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