Friday , February 3 2023 A $2k domain investment scored $6.41 million dollar funding A $2k domain investment scored $6.41 million dollar funding

Harbor Lab is a Greek startup that created a shipping dock solution, streamlining the disbursement account processes:

“We are an innovative e-disbursements platform for Shipowners, management companies and Charterers. We aspire to reshape the Disbursements process by providing a leading software to the industry.”

Its solution helps eliminate time management waste and reduces port call expenses by 6% per port call; there can be plenty of these port calls during a shipment. The Harbor Lab solution further helps reduce administration costs by up to 75%.

Greece is a world-leading shipping nation, deeply involved with international cargo transportation via the global waterways; the maritime disbursements market is valued at $200 billion annually.

The solution by Harbor Lab attracted the attention of a seed funding round, led by VentureFriends and Speedinvest, for a total of 6.1 million Euro ($6.41 million dollars.)

Harbor Lab was formed in early 2020, using an aged domain they acquired in the aftermarket. was registered in 2013 and according to NameBio, acquiring the domain name cost a mere $2,288 dollars to acquire via BuyDomains.

At the time, the buyer was Procureship S.A. and it appears that the two companies share resources and customer base.

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