Friday , February 3 2023 left to drop by Pfizer closes at $18k

Pharmacia was a Swedish pharma and biotech company that merged with Upjohn back in the mid nineties.

According to Wikipedia, The company is named after the Greek word φαρμακεία, transliterated pharmakeia, which means ‘sorcery’.

In 2002 Pfizer bought Pharmacia for $60 billion.

The domain name was finally left to drop and the name closed at DropCatch for $18,000.

According to Ahrefs the backlink profile looks like this:

Domain Rating 29

Backlinks 437 92% dofollow

Linking websites 178 89% dofollow

There are 3 live trademarks for Pharmacia, none of them owned by Pfizer, so it will be interesting to see if the name attracts any UDRP’s.

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