Tuesday , June 6 2023

MQI.com expires closes at $22,750 it traded higher in 2015


For the second time in 10 days a three letter .com was left to expire and go to auction at GoDaddy. PWG.com closed at $39,001 on March 14. Today MQI.com closed at $22,750. The domain name previously sold back in 2015 at NameJet for $25,855.

Checking out Archive.org it looks like the name was being used as a blog under the name Mustache Quality Initiative. It was just a basic wordpress blog, and like a lot of blogs just one post and then the owner lost interest for whatever reason.

Acronym Finder only shows 7 acronyms for MQI. I think names ending in the letter I have some decent flexibility. Index, International, Initiative, Image, Identity.

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