Thursday , June 1 2023 – Bids Reach $189,000 USD

The domain name has expired and it already has reached a whopping $189,000 USD with Five Days remaining this appears to be a domain name that could break over $200K.

Once owned by AirPlay Commercial, the domain name went into privacy around 2015 and has been at Frank Schilling’s former registry which was acquired by GoDaddy a few years ago, It is now on the auction block at GoDaddy and looks like it will bring a nice day to the auction powerhouse.

AirPlay is a feature also designed for Apple Inc devices so will be interesting to watch and see if Apple is bidding for this domain name or if they attempt to acquire it after the auction?

Other picks that I am watching from the expired auctions this weekend are noted below:  – Makes me think of Tutti Fruitti ice cream. – I love my Coffee maybe this would make a great name for a Coffee House Chain, ECommerce site or Blog. – Another two of my favorite things Beer and Money… So Beer Bank might work well… – Becoming more of a must-have in many new homes a cinema aka theatre room. – 3L always holds value even .net, This is a nice aged 3L .net at 23 years old.

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