Tuesday , June 6 2023

Chat.com Profitably Resold for 8 Figures

In March of this year, I reported on the sale of Chat.com. The domain name was acquired by HubSpot Co-Founder Dharmesh Shah for more than $10 million USD. The exact acquisition price wasn’t revealed by either party. That deal had been brokered by Hilco Digital’s Andrew Miller and Larry Fischer.

This morning, Dharmesh revealed that he resold the domain name for a profit, and he is donating $250,000 to Khan Academy:

In the tweet, Dharmesh shared a link to a LinkedIn post about the sale. Unfortunately, he is not at liberty to disclose the acquisition price or the buyer.

At the present time, Chat.com forwards to a SSL error page. The Whois information remains private. I will keep an eye on Chat.com to see who acquired the domain name. If it was acquired by a publicly traded company, perhaps the acquisition price will be revealed in a subsequent SEC filing.

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