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A look at the history of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking

Reverse Domain Name Hijacking
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With the news out today that Lotto.com was saved in a UDRP complaint, though there was no finding of reverse domain name hijacking. There is an article published by Gerald M. Levine a few weeks back at IPlegalCorner.com that’s worth reading.

Mr. Levine takes a look back at the history of RDNH and provides some other stats on UDRP’s as a whole.

From the article:

Between 2000 and 2019 (with some dips) there has been a steady annual increase in the number of complaints and cybersquatting awards. While the number of denials has decreased (likely owing to increased understanding of what is required to prove cybersquatting), within that class the number of RDNHs has risen owing to the greater clarity coming from the reasoned decisions. In 2019 (through the date of this essay) there has been approximately 2250 disputes that have gone to award (out of approximately 2880 complaints filed) of which there were approximately 161 denials (7.2%), Of those denials there were 84 requests for RDNH of which Panels granted 34 (40.5%).

40.5% in 2019 vs 14% in 2000 seems like a step in the right direction. While some want a monetary award for a successful finding of RDNH, that would provide a slippery slope for domain investors when they lose a UDRP.

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