Wednesday , April 21 2021

ICA released a domain name purchase agreement

The ICA worked with many domain name attorneys to develop an annotated domain name purchase agreement.

“Our goal is to educate domain investors and to benefit the industry as a whole by providing this sample agreement.  It is robust and incorporates decades of experience in buying and selling domain names.  It may be particularly helpful to those new to the domain name industry who are newly buying and selling domain names on their own and may not have a domain name agreement at hand.”

“This agreement is for educational purposes only.  Many marketplaces and brokers have standard agreements that they use.  The circumstances of each transaction are unique.  An experienced domain name attorney should be consulted to review the circumstances of your purchase to ensure that the agreement adequately addresses the risks and contingencies that arise from your specific transaction.”

“This is a living document and will likely be revised and developed over time.  You can check back to view the latest version.”

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