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Happy Thursday Folks – Here is today’s list of domain names that are auction that have caught my eye and I promised in my previous post 100% transparency on the domain names that I am bidding on too, I know it might bite me as I am the only bidder / high bidder on some of these names below and I hope I don’t get run up on these names but I thought its best to share not just my picks but the names that I am actually in on too.

I hope you see something that you like from the lists below and happy bidding. – A nice GEO name here in the UK and also the name of a football (Soccer) team too. ***Robbie Blog Bidding*** – Double – Good price 833 USD at time of writing – Could make a great directory website ***Robbie Blog Bidding*** – I like this catchy and brandable domain. – Typo domain name only $12 (No Bids) – I know its two random words but both are very popular – Only 1 Bid at present… – Do you own any? – Big money in Health names and I like this only 1 bid at $12 – I know a lot of people don’t like Hyphen domain names but if this goes cheap its worth a bid ***Robbie Blog Bidding*** – Another nice, I know some people might not like the Double V so lets see where the bidding goes. – Not got much to say apart from I like it – Do you Like Work? – Organic is a huge industry and I think “Trading” fits well for a marketplace or company that specialises in Organic products. ***Robbie Blog Bidding*** – The travel industry is hurt hard but it will come back again and Thailand is a popular destination. ***Robbie Blog Bidding*** – I really like this name and I can’t speak a word of Polish but one my best friends can the price is good on this one so far. ***Robbie Blog Bidding***

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