Wednesday , April 21 2021

GoDaddy Extends Employees WFH Until March

With the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic still spreading throughout the United States and the world, companies have had to make adjustments, particularly as it relates to employees working out of the office. GoDaddy, with more than 9,000 employees, has had the bulk of its employees work from home since March of this year.

GoDaddy recently announced that most of its employees will continue to work from home through at least March of 2021. In areas of the world where working in the office is deemed safe, the company is allowing employees to return to the office. For example, employees in GoDaddy’s China office have already returned to the office.

Some of GoDaddy’s employees have jobs that require them to work onsite. For instance, data center technicians have been working in GoDaddy’s data centers under strict health protocols to keep safe.

Since the pandemic began, I have had quite a few phone calls with GoDaddy employees for everything from DTVS calls to questions about my account. There were definitely some hiccups during the first few weeks as the company began transitioning to a WFH environment for its employees. Since then, I think many of the issues have been worked out and things have been operating smoothly from a customer perspective.

From what I have come to know about GoDaddy and its corporate team-focused culture, I doubt a work from home environment is ideal for most of its employees and I don’t think it is sustainable beyond the pandemic. That said, the teams I regularly communicate with seem to be handling the transition quite well.

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