Wednesday , April 21 2021

Google’s John Mueller on the future of SEO

Future of SEO published an article on Google’s John Mueller and his thoughts on the future of SEO.

I was most interested in the predictions for the future. That AMP is not going away. Accelerated Mobile Pages are always stirs emotions. If you Google AMP Sucks, you will find many articles of those voicing their displeasure.

From the article:


  • Competition
    Competition is not going to get easier but there are many options
  • Options
    Discover, Ecommerce because of Covid-19, Videos in Search, and Web Stories will give publishers many opportunities beyond search traffic.
  • Structured Data
    Structured data will continue to offer opportunities for more traffic
  • JavaScript
    Search engines will improve with JavaScript
  • Importance of Speed Metrics
    Speed will get more exciting as something to focus on and that it’s worth investing time into this metric.
  • AMP is not going away
    Mueller affirmed Google’s commitment to AMP
  • Events will continue to be online
    Mueller said it would be nice to quarantine the entire community and have an in-person conference and that he missed meeting people in person.

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