Wednesday , April 21 2021 closes $5,650 once sold for $25K – DropCatch scores on after GoDaddy no payment

Some interesting domain name transactions on Friday. sold for $25,000 back in 2008, it looks like a gentleman who I know from .TV out of Italy purchased the name.

In 2015 the name went for just $3,000 on NameJet. The buyer back then owns some interesting names like where he discusses why typo and cyber squatting should be allowed. The gentleman is almost 80 now and the domain name expired. It closed at $5,650 at GoDaddy auctions. closed at $1,234 at GoDaddy auctions last month. They again did not collect payment. DropCatch caught the domain name and it closed at $4,545. has had two end user sales in the past. Selling for $6,333 in 2008 and then sold for a loss in 2011 at $4,100 both times at Sedo.

It closed at just $116 on Friday. In 2010 it redirected to a German Poker website. It moved around and was listed for sale on various landing pages.

Small flip sold for $353 at NameJet last November and it closed at $1,200 on Friday at NameJet. It sold for just $121 in 2010. sold for $300 on Flippa in 2015. It closed at $1,250 on NameJet on Friday.

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