Wednesday , April 21 2021 expires goes for $10,001 – closes at $8,000

A few interesting names on Saturday including the domain name of the 55th Governor of the state of New Jersey, Chris Christie. expired and closed at $10,001 on GoDaddy auctions. The domain name never had any content on it over the last 15+ years, according to closed at $8,000 on NameJet. The domain name is registered at It looks to have been renewed for 10 years and now expires in 2030.

The domain name was registered by another Chris Christie way back, a gentleman from Wisconsin. In 2011 the website showed.

I am a computer programmer in currently living in Milwaukee, WI. I recently had a daughter Claire. Unsurprisingly this is the best thing that has ever happened to me. For political software please check out our company website at As a final note, this site has recently gotten a lot of attention from the media and fans of people with my name so here is a shameless plug for Impulse Theater. Source.

BuyDomains had a nice sale on They bought it for $135 in 2016 at NameJet. Sold it for $2,488. GoDaddy did not collect the $460 it closed at on their auction platform and NameJet caught the drop. It closed at $431. If they are not chasing $31,500, then $460 is a waste of time.

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