Wednesday , April 21 2021 a 64x Return in two years

A couple of 5 figure domain name transactions on Monday. expired at Uniregistry and closed at $29,723 at GoDaddy auctions. sold for $25,000 at Sedo. sold twice before, and was once owned by Oliver Hoger. It sold at NameJet in 2014 for $5,100 and resold one year later at NameJet for $8,100.

The domain name at expiry looks to have been owned by Alf Temme the gentleman I wrote about a couple days ago when expired. was purchased for $25,000 and then resold for $3,000 which is when Mr.Temme acquired the domain name.

Mr Temme is an elderly gentleman I hope he is ok. Michael Berkens published an article about him back in 2010 on getting sued for $2.4 million by Microsoft. Michael again published an article in 2015 when Alf sold for $8 million. sold for $25,000 picked up for just $388 on NameJet 2 years ago. The seller looks to have been DNS Market out of South Carolina. Great job.

Cult Wines for those who don’t know (I was one of them) are wines that are high in quality, rare, and very valuable. They basically have a cult like following of deep pocketed collectors who are willing to pay top dollar.

There is even a wikipedia entry.

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