Tuesday , November 24 2020

Make sure you have confirmation before you call something a scam or say a sale is not legit


This is nothing new in the domain industry but there were a couple recent examples of yelling fire in a crowded theater where there was not even any smoke.

Mike Mann announced the sale of LightRock.com for $94,888. I posted the info on Namepros and the not legit sale postings started pouring in.

Sometimes I’m thinking that he’s not telling the truth. Maybe I’m wrong.

I would be very cautious to assume this is a genuine sale, looks like something else

I don’t believe it, doesn’t make sense

The sale was confirmed as @DomainBarracksRob posted

Light /Rock / Holdings AG

(An Real Estate and Development Management Firm )

Do bogus sales get reported? Absolutely. Should you do some research into something you think is not legit? Absolutely. But you need to give some time before you just come out and say a sale did not happen. Especially when it’s a domain investor with many big sales over the years.

Sometimes the disbelief comes from something different entirely. I have had people say to me I never believe a sale that sells for more than I would ask. That’s just plain dumb. Some people are worried about losing a sale. Others price their names with a buy it now at a price they think will move.

BuyDomains would probably never get $94,888 for LightRock.com it’s not their business model.

@Koolishman had the best line in the thread in my opinion.

Also funny the how the majority of people wanting to make false accusations against the “ Millionaire” are the same trying to achieve the states….it’s alllllll bs UNTIL ITS UR SALE RIGHT!?

Sour Grapes?


Oh wait maybe not. A member posted about something that no one would be pleased with. But it was not a scam.

The member had an old backorder for a domain name they no longer had interest in. NameJet let them know that $69 would not get the backorder and it needed to be $79.

They had no interest, and did not raise price. They were charged $69. Incensed he told NameJet to delete his account. They told the member that if they don’t get the payment it will be done by october 28th.

The member made sure not to have money left on their credit card so their account would be canceled.

They found a way to charge his card anyway!

Less than an hour later, they posted he got a refund. So there was no scam.

Yet the title of the thread is NAMEJET = SCAM YES SCAM and indexed in Google.

Get mad, state your frustration if it’s legit, people in the community will help you. But don’t call something a scam or not legit, until you are sure.

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