Wednesday , April 21 2021

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I regularly log in to my account to add domain names to my portfolio, check on the status of a transaction, to update pricing, or to respond to a purchase offer. As each month ends and a new month begins, the monthly revenue number changes from the prior month to a big fat $0. The total revenue figure is listed above this, and last month’s revenue is listed below, but the $0 always screams out to me.

Whenever I see the monthly total at $0 in revenue, it always irritates me and it sometimes motivates me. I don’t want to be stuck at zero – even if that is simply because it is the first day of the month and no deals have transacted yet. I currently have two payment plans in place at DAN, so this number will not remain at $0 for very long, but I don’t even like seeing this number for a day.

When I see this number, I usually have a quick look at my portfolio and try to find one or two domain names to do a bit of outbound. These aren’t high value domain names – they are replaceable domain names I will be happy to move. I tend to use to search for 10-15 prospective buyers and try to get a deal done. I don’t love doing outbound marketing to sell domain names, but staring at a $0 revenue month on bothers me even more.

Truth be told, the monthly revenue figure is a meaningless number. Even if it were to stay at $0 for most of the month, it doesn’t really mean much. For one thing, is only one avenue for sales, but importantly, it is a look at a smaller period of time. For me, it is a bit of a motivational tool to put a crooked number on the board so I don’t have to stare at $0 every time I log in to my account.

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