Wednesday , April 21 2021

$90,000 and five years later and not even a nameserver update

Five years ago Elliot Silver broke news on a .money domain name that sold for $90,000.

The seller once walked away from The Apprentice UK TV Show

5 years later and the domain name has not even updated the nameservers. is the name and it’s a perfect keyword combination in my opinion.

The seller said he signed an NDA but gave too much info in the article on Domain Investing, it was not hard to figure out the name, and while I was doing the research which took just a couple minutes, credit goes to Andrea Paladini who was first to comment that the name looks to be

Neither Elliot nor I saw any paperwork but it looks like what Andrea posted was the name that was sold.

The domain name moved from to GoDaddy but the nameservers never updated. Of course it could be just an investment but it still makes sense to propagate and collect leads.

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