Wednesday , April 21 2021

Are bidders just trolling DropCatch on

The curious case of the domain name that no one seems to want to pay for. was dropped and caught by DropCatch. It has been auctioned now for the fourth time. It closed on Thursday at $11,555.

$11,000 seems to be the price point.

Back on October 29, closed at $58,056 after it dropped and was caught by DropCatch. No pay. was registered in 1999 and owned by a Turkish company. There is a skincare company at Likely buyer or prospect if an investor purchased. They do have a registered trademark for Epara. A word mark that was registered on April 9, 2019. was re-auctioned and closed at $11,050. No pay.

This time around it closed at $11,000. Some believe reauction is better than the next highest bidder. How many times does one want a re-auction?

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