Wednesday , April 21 2021

End of the year favorite/best registrar poll at Namepros sees Dynadot out to a big lead


A year end favorite registrar poll has kicked off on Namepros. It’s not for 2020 or 2021.

A few members suggested that the best/favorite registrar poll happening in March or June did not make sense. It should happen in December. Epik did win 2020 favorite/registrar poll.

This is just a “We don’t want to wait til December 2021 so let’s have some fun.”

With three choices Dynadot is running away from the field. Now this makes sense because where they are not everyone’s first choice, it’s fair to say they are many people’s top 3.

Where a company like GoDaddy or Epik might not be in someone’s top 3 so they don’t pick up those second and third place votes. Kind of like the Heisman Trophy.

So the end of the year for shits and giggles poll is running til Jan 15.

You can vote here

For some this matters, to others it’s stupid. I would argue these polls don’t mean the same to each registrar. The goal for some would be that if you are not doing well, you will engage more. Possibly give away some perks.

Some registrars put out press releases, I read about it in stock chat forums where the company was publicly traded.

All in all it’s good fun, the business is much more divided in my opinion, many private forums have sprung up in 2020, some only chat on Twitter. There is definitely a pro Namepros crowd and a I hate that bleeping place crowd.

@Biggie summed up it well:

also, quote above speaks to a mentality of some, who think NP is “the voice” of the industry, meanwhile some of the biggest participants in the industry, that you speak about in initial quote, may only hear the noise.

therefore, the quote below, may speak to how those above and outside this chamber, may feel about results of such.

now, if you don’t care what other echo chambers feel about what comes out of this echo chamber, then it doesn’t matter at all…. does it?

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