Tuesday , May 11 2021

My 5 Months of domaining journey

Another great thread over on NamePros today that I discovered “My 5 Months of domaining journey”, was posted by BlogSpotter who has been a member at NamePros since 2007 but forgot about his account…

This is a tiny snip from the post on NamePros below, however, you need to check out the full thread to learn more about what happens next..

I joined NP in 2007, and I don’t remember why and how. I wished I was active in 2007, read a few posts here and there, but then, that’s spilled milk, water under the bridge.
Sometime in July I tried to register on NP when I got a message that this email was registered. I did a forgot password and low and behold, I got a rest password. 13 years old dormant account lol

But I was happy to get it back. It felt familiar. Well, I have been very active on other Bulletin Board for 15-16 years, and most forums I was active on have died. This was like Nostalgia. I hadn’t been active in a forum in 6-7 years.

So you can say I started domaining in July/August this year. That is also when I bought a bunch of crappy domain names.

Head on over to NamePros, read the thread share your experiences too, and let’s continue to help one another develop and build in 2021.

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