Wednesday , April 21 2021 is for sale on Flippa – developed and run by just one person

One of the most talked about products in 2020 are masks. I happened to notice that the owner of has listed the business for sale on Flippa.

The starting price is high $975,000. Listing states revenue of over $1 Million since July 2020.

There is an interview with the seller on the Flippa blog. An interesting read. When asked why selling? The owner stated:

The main reason I’m selling the business, quite honestly, is because I have taken it to the maximum amount that a single person can really take it, and I’m not interested in hiring out a team. It is primed to grow super fast with a team.

Its success is now limited by the fact that I’m only one individual. My ability to market it properly, form business development relationship, bid on projects, etc is being limited by needing to respond to customers and handle admin work.

I have not even been able to focus on the “fashion mask” B2C side of the business at all- so we have these 2000+ beautiful mask designs just sitting there and nobody knows about them- because I’m too busy managing the B2B side.

So I would definitely recommend that whoever buys it plans on having different people manage different aspects of the business.

Read the full interview on Flippa

Interesting when the seller was asked if they thought the site could be as successful without the domain name? They replied absolutely NOT!

Disclaimer: I do not know the owner and this is not a sponsored post, I just thought the name warranted a conversation.

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