Wednesday , April 21 2021

Sellers: DAN is Asking Buyers if They Want Privacy

I was looking at purchasing a domain name listed on, and I noticed the platform is now asking buyers if they are willing to let DAN share the sale price publicly. Have a look at the message which is located on the form a buyer needs to fill out after clicking the buy now link on the landing page:

My guess is that this was introduced in mid-2020 when sellers also had the option to keep their sales private at DAN. Notably, this question is specific to DAN publishing sales and not the domain name seller sharing sales information.

From my perspective, a buyer on DAN doesn’t necessarily distinguish between the DAN platform and the domain name seller even though it is obvious to me as a seller. A buyer who checks the “No” option here would likely expect to have the sale price kept private by both DAN and by the seller. I doubt there are any legal ramifications if a buyer requests privacy and seller shares the sale price publicly because of the way the question is worded, but I would be upset if I was the buyer, expected privacy, and saw the sale price was shared anyway.

I think DAN might want to relay the buyer’s privacy request to the seller so the seller can weigh whether or not to share the sale price publicly based on the buyer’s request. It seems like an easy thing to add and if DAN is going through the trouble of asking a buyer if they want privacy, they might as well notify sellers of the buyer’s request.

Sellers should know that buyers now have to select an option regarding sale privacy, and at this point, the buyer’s selection is not relayed to the seller so the expectation of privacy is not known to both parties.

Elliot Silver

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