Sunday , February 28 2021 buyer revealed was registered back in 2010 and was a developed site for years.

Welcome to the website. Here you can download video files of fractal animations created by teamfresh to play on your pc or tv. There is also stock footage available for you to download and use in your own projects.

The domain was left to drop in October and the name went for $8,050 at We generally see the buyers at, and to be domain investors. In this case the buyer was an end user. is not live yet, there is a countdown on the site and in less than a month the first 100 people will get in.

The site has messages like Firefox, but faster, Chrome, but faster.

Run the most demanding applications from my device using 10x less RAM and processing power, all on gigabyte datacenter Internet.

It looks like a potentially cool and ambitious project.

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