Sunday , February 28 2021

I know it’s only expired domains but I like it

There is something lately with celebrity and personal domain names lately. closed at $14,700 at GoDaddy yesterday. Sadly Mr.Haydon passed away last February. Hayden was an expert in non profit marketing.

Today closed at $60,000. The Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones. Wood has been with the Stones since 1975. His website was used for news on himself, the band and his art. He just put out a press release in November.

There is a store on the website so it’s really odd it was left to expire. Now the whois does not show Mr. Wood as the registrant. It looks to be a Mark Pines. Now sadly Mr.Pines passed away in November around the time of the press release.

Another interesting note looking at his Facebook page is that he has on the page. He made a post last year telling someone:

check out which is my website where I have been selling Ronnie’s artwork since 1998. I have a ton of video footage of me shooting Ronnie while he paints in NYC, LA and London – I would love to screen it with you on an upcoming Yale Zoom cabaret.

So I am not sure Ronnie Wood has any idea what’s going on with his website. On his official Facebook page he links to The site looks to mirror the archived version of the .com. Now he also has a button link to

Ahrefs stats:

Domain Rating 44

Backlinks 41,301 95% dofollow

Referring Domains 1,342 77% dofollow

So who knows if this $60,000 will get paid? Ronnie might not need it or might file a UDRP if approached.

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