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The number of reported sales continues to go way down

3 Letter .coms

Three letter .coms are one of the most popular and valuable niches in the domain investment world. Always one of my favorite and the first real good domains I picked up in 1998/1999.

In 2005 was born out of the Namepros chatroom which at the time was real discussion and not the spamming of domain names for sale already listed in the marketplace.

Back in 2018 Rick Schwartz talked about how they were being sold too cheap.

One thing I noticed this year but did not research, was fewer reported domain sales.

Now that 2020 has concluded for sales reporting, I went to Namebio. The number of reported LLL. com sales has been going down for years.

2020 was by far the lowest numbers reported by Namebio. There is one we know of not in the numbers and that was sold by Shane and Travis., the exact number was not given so Michael could not list.

Year # of sales Dollar Volume Average Sales Price
2020 40 $2.7m $66.6K
2019 76 $4.7m $61.6K
2018 94 $10.1m $107.7K
2017 147 $11.4m $77.7K
2016 174 $7.1m $41K
2015 349 $13.2m $38K

Only 17,576 of these so as more end up in end user hands it only makes sense to see the reported numbers become more and more scarce.

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