Saturday , January 23 2021

The Power of Color – Check out these domain names –

DU6262 on NamePros created a thread named The Power of Color, where they have shared a number of primary colors, who owns them, and what they are currently being used for at present, over 44 replies in this thread published a few days ago.

It looks like the original article was driven by a post written on DND, the article is interesting and many have joined to share their favorite color domain name, There also is a screenshot from Linkedin where apparently had a reported offer of £72 Million USD for the domain, I did reach out to the Ryan who confirmed that there was an offer at that value but the offer was declined, he also said it was verified offer and the consortium who owns wishes for a higher offer, however, another on the thread called out fake news – I don’t know Ryan personally so can’t vouch for him or the offer but if it’s true – WOW!

It would certainly be a record-breaker if the sale was completed and published and top the $30 Million USD for, anyway back to the domain names – So what is your favorite

Favourite Colour

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