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.IO a look back at 2020 from sales to complaints

.IO domain names

.IO domain name sales were up in 2020 vs 2019 by over $500,000. They were slightly higher than 2018 figures.

In addition to sales 2020 the Chagossians filed a to THE AFRICAN COMMISSION ON HUMAN & PEOPLES’ RIGHTS.

The Chagossians are dealing with a lot of concerns but as you would imagine .IO is high on the list.

Reading this complaint one thing that stood out was the focus on crypto. The Chagossians seem to believe there is a lot of illegal activity going on in the .io extension when it comes to crypto.

One company ( moved to a .net over security concerns.

So what is to become of the extension in the future is still up for debate.

2020 saw the year end with a big sale. sold for $80,000.

Year Total sales Dollar Volume Average Price
2020 1,198 $1.4m $1,149
2019 857 $905.1k $1,056
2018 916 $1.3m $1,464 continued to be the place for all the .io action. 648 out of the reported 1,198 took place at The percentage is down compared to 2019 where 656 out of 857 were at

I did sell in 2020, it was the only .io domain I owned.

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