Sunday , February 28 2021

First now expiry auction goes for a big number

So last week I wrote about closing at $60,000 at GoDaddy auctions. Now another musician .com closes for 5 figures.

Natalie Hinds known by her stage name Macy Gray is an R&B singer and performer. There is a website at The official website looks to be closed at $22,700 on Wednesday at GoDaddy auctions.

Ahrefs shows solid link numbers

Domain Rating 43

Backlinks 16,618 93% dofollow

Referring Domains 1,534 84% dofollow

The domain name was registered back in 1998, the registrant is Ms. Hinds. There must have been some oversight, but these numbers seem huge to be paying at auction. I would doubt Ms. Hinds would pay a premium and would probably go the UDRP route.

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